Our Fundraisers

The Pantry accepts donations throughout the year. Please consider a tax-deductible cash donation.The McFarland community hosts several food drives during the year. Look for announcements to participate.

Turkey Donation Stand Sign Up
Once again this year the McFarland Food Pantry will be working with the National Turkey Federation to raise money to purchase turkeys this Thanksgiving. If you are able to donate some of your time to help run the booth, you can sign up here

Sundaes on Thursdays:
It's become a summer time tradition: Sundaes on Thursdays! Meet at the village gazebo for ice cream. Half of all proceeds go to the Pantry.

Bowls for Hunger:
Bowls for Hunger is quickly becoming an annual event from which all proceeds go to the McFarland Food Pantry. For event details check out the poster below.

                Bowls For Hunger                               

Time is also money. There are lots of ways to assist, from helping to clean and organize to collecting food. Contact the Pantry if you want to find out more information.